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The most common thing people are concerned about when it comes to staying at a hotel is how clean the rooms are. But we aren't just talking about dirty linens and sinks. It goes way beyond that.

 A clean hotel is an establishment that intentionally chooses to eliminate any form of adult entertainment such as pornography from their TV channel lineup. 

What is a clean hotel? 

Adult entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry that often leads to addiction, which threatens the sanctity of marriage more than ever before. And young children are being exposed to this form of explicit content more often than we can even begin to comprehend. A clean hotel ensures that children are protected from unintentional exposure and prevents the content from  being  accessed by any hotel guest.

Why is it important? 

What can you do to prevent  your children and loved ones from accessing pornography? More than you realize! 


 Computer monitoring software such as Covenant Eyes can be purchased for internet accountability and McAfee  offers the parental control filtering software  Safe Eyes.


Protection for your family. Peace of mind for you. 

Safety Measures

Hotel Room
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